We’re Producing 2019's Hot Item - Kaitlyn Bristowe's Dew Edit Scrunchies

Dew Edit manufactured by Good Clothing Company

images courtesy of Dew edit

images courtesy of Dew edit

We’re really feeling the “scrunchie love” over here at Good Clothing Company, as we produce scrunchie upon scrunchie for Bachelor Alum and girl boss Kaitlyn Bristowe. We’re emphatically saying “Dew It” to those considering a purchase of this season’s hottest accessory.

Producing accessories is not something new for our team here at GCC, in fact, we’ve been running accessories since the company was founded!

Fast forward to 2018, now 2019, and we’re keeping up with the latest trends through Dew Edit’s phenomenal success. With Bristowe’s commitment to being more of a “dew” than a “can’t” kind of person, we’re off to a great start with our production relationship. Kaitlyn announced her scrunchie brand in June 2018 and turned her concept into a designer’s dream come true! Her items consistently sell out and her scrunchie gang can’t wait to see what’s next with each collection.

images courtesy of dew edit

images courtesy of dew edit

Since Bristowe’s development team reached out to us, here are some things that have been happening “dew” to Katelyn’s production runs with Good Clothing Company:

  • The fabric that the Dew Edit team sources is through a Canadian company -  yay to North American sourcing and production!

  • So far we have made tens of thousands of units and counting - cheers to keeping busy!

  • We utilize around 6 staff members per order to fulfill quantities and meet deadlines. Yep, these scrunchies put 6 people on our production floor to work - hello job security!

Luckily for us, Kaitlyn’s scrunchie gang has proven willing to support the women that produce their hair ties all the way through to the production level.

Bring on the “dew” puns, we’re loving sewing these babies!

Images courtesy of  Dew Edit

Images courtesy of Dew Edit